I am a very experienced and dynamic dance accompanist and have been accompaning dance classes since 1998. I began accompanying dance at Derby Dance Centre (now D├ęda), when I became involved with the opening performances for their new building. It was here I met and worked with composer and musician Barry Ganberg who introduced me to the disipline of dance accompaniment and the joy of hand percussion. After this project I started playing regularly at Derby Dance for contemporary dance classes and African & Carribean dance workshops. During this time I was lucky enough to learn more about the Djembe from some of the highly talented drummers from Kokuma Dance Theatre. I took this grounding in traditional African drumming and over the years have expanded it to encompass many other drumming styles and techniques from latin rhythms to sabar stick drumming. I have found that this hybrid style worked very well in contemporary dance and some ballet classes.

In 2000, I was asked by Barry Ganberg to join the collection of wonderful and inspiring musicians at the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. Soon after that I also joined the staff at London Contemporary Dance School and The Place professional and evening classes. I spent many years playing alongside some fantastic, creative and diverse music makers from whom I have learned so much over the years. Since then I have played regularly for some of the highest regarded dance companies and teachers in the world.

These include Matthew Bourne's New Adventures, Richard Alston Dance Company, Rambert Dance Company, The Merce Cunningham Company, National Dance Company of Wales, Ross McKim, Amanda Britten, Darren Ellis, Kenneth Tharp, Kerry Nicholls and Jeannie Steele.

I enjoy being in a dance class and creating music that is responsive, inspiring and supportive.I am very familiar with many contemporary and traditional dance styles and techniques and I know what is required from a musician by teachers and students alike.