I can offer an unintrusive, high quality recording service for orchestras, choirs, bands or any acoustic music ensemble. I operate a high quality mobile digital recording rig and have experience recording in many locations such as cathederals and churches, outdoor performances and rehearsal rooms.

I can also edit, mix and master these recordings if required, and can supply a high quality audio file in a choice of formats, ready to send to a video editor, CD duplication house, or to post straight to your website.

Below is an example of my recording and mastering work.

I was asked by The Dalesmen male voice choir in Derbyshire to record a rehearsal so they could send a demo mp3 to a choir competition. The choir was quite large and the rehearsal room was quite small so I used only two microphones in a stereo configuration mounted just over the conductors head, which was quick and easy to set up, unobtrusive in the small rehearsal room, and gave a full and accurate recording of the choir. I took the recordings back to my studio and loaded them into my recording software where I applied EQ, very mild compression and a touch of reverb. Then I converted it to high quality mp3 ready to be emailed. The process was swift, inexpensive and gave accurate results. The Dalesmen were very happy with the finished recording.

If you represent a choir, orchestra or small acoustic band and you require a high quality, low-fuss live recording, for commercial release or demo purposes, please contact me and we can discuss how I might be able to help you realise it.